Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Undead squishies and Diablo 3

Well, to be honest, I didn't do a giant amount in WoW this past week. I was busy practicing for my callback for a theater production.(Which I got the awesome role of Marian the Librarian...the show is Music Man, by the way). But when I wasn't busy practicing songs and memorizing lines so I could wow the director into picking me for the role, I was enjoying watching Wren play and beat Diablo 3 on his barbarian.
He started out playing a witch doctor, then decided to try some of the other classes and quickly realized his barbarian felt the best fit- since after all, he adores tanks. Currently as I type he is trying out the Demon Hunter.

When not fasinated by all the demons and beauty that is Diablo 3's cut scenes, I did play a tiny bit in WoW land. I got my Tauren hunter Striderunner to 22 and my undead warlock to 49 1/2, as well as my troll druid to 11.

First I sent my hunter off to Ashenvale, where I proceeded to join in the fight with night elfs. I helped the Spirit of Gorat seek revenge on Captain Elendilad, then later rode the most awesome of kodos- Brutusk.
I wish my kodo could zap 8 ashenvale ambushers with one stomp!

Next I hopped on my warlock, where after finishing Eastern Plaguelands, I decided to fly to the far off land of Badlands for a change of scenery.
I got her Mining past 225 shortly after arriving in the bad-wast-like-land, and dinged 48 from the nod directly after getting the Perfessional Expert achievement.

I journeyed throughout the Badlands, doing quests to kill black dragons left and right and then completed the Tomb of the Watchers puzzles- for some reason those seemed a little easier this time around, though I haven't done them for ages, so maybe they actually just made them easier in general.
I downed the Warden and the Sentinel easily in the Tomb and wandered off to finish up killing more bad dragons.

I enlisted the help of the 3 "Bad Dogs": Jurrix Whitemane, Amakkar and Gargal. As much as it is fun to have them helping me out and then riding their motorcycles behind me in our own little possie, I miss my warlock pet greatly in all their quests.

After defeating Kalaran the Annihilator, Moldarr and then General Jirakka, I was pretty sure we could take on anything.

Then Nyxondra happened. That crazy dragon...argh. After clearing out a huge radius of her baby dragons because I knew she had a fear, I thought we'd be ok. But nooo, her babies respawn so dang fast! I kept getting her down to 20% then my Bad Dogs would die on me no matter how many heals and spells I threw at them and her.

Sadly without my warlock pet, alone I am not nearly as badass.
I soulstoned and tried again.
Same thing happened, around the 20% mark- the bad dogs and myself-dead and squishy. I thought...I'm just going to let her be for a bit, before I pull my hair out.
I hearthed out, trained up and left my warlock sitting in Undercity to stategize her next move on how to beat that crazy dragon.

Yesterday I debated over going back on my warlock, but decided to let her gain some rested. I hopped on my lowwwwbie starter troll druid and knocked out her first 11 levels (and cranked out a crap-ton of herbalism and alchemy on her). I found a random rare boss (the Sergeant) in the one keep while going to kill the Lieutenant in there.

Overally, really all I got done was 2 levels on my hunter, 2 levels on my warlock and 11 lowbie levels on my druid, but that's pretty good considering Diablo 3 came out.

I hope you all had a lovely week in WoW and that those who got to play Diablo 3 enjoyed it as well.
For the undead squishies,

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We hate undead...no not YOUR kind of undead...

So this morning (in the wee hours of the morning) I, Morgaine, was a guest host on the Ctrl Alt WoW podcast. I was super excited, since last time I was on the podcast I had to share the mic with the hubs and I had such a horrible echo problem, but today, since I was by myself, it was all good! It always is such a pleasure to listen in to the podcast, hear what others are doing and enjoying in WoW, so it was so fun to be apart of it as well. I'll put the link in the WoW Parodies listing section of the blog-o when it goes live.

Well...what all did I do this past week? Well...
I went to the darkmoon fair on my hunter and warlock horde side. I love the fair- even though I've done it loads of times, it always is so fun to me. I love all the games, except i really suck at the tonks one. My favorite game is the cannon or the shooting one (when there isn't a tauren standing in my way). But probably the cannon the best. I love getting wings! (starting to think of Ashayo's comment- "Cannon gives you wings!" like redbull!) haha.

I played my updead warlock Shadowsleep pretty much exclusively this week. Got her to level 47 as of today (so 5 levels since last I played her). Basically I started her in Eastern Plaguelands at 42 and just left the place at 47 (I wanted to get the quest achievement for doing all of the eastern plaguelands, so I stayed through a few green quests).

Did all of the Fiora's caravan quests- I love that dwarf-Gidwin! Though I think he was bugged when we ran around the plaguelands, because he was the only one talking/emoting... where as the blood elf (when not a quest giver and not on the back of the caravan, didn't speak a word) and I know he spoke last time I did these quests alliance side.

Was excited to see Chromie make an appearance- I forgot she showed up there.

Killed "Gish the Unmoving" (a gargoyle rare mob)- found him by accident, saw the ore at the hill, and there he was. Though his name should be unmoving, since he did move...haha.

I wish the cultist outfit you wear in this one quest, you could have for your character- coolest mask ever.

I really hope I find a good robe soon, as right now shadow's been wearing a top and pants for the past 10 levels, and undead female knees are horrid!

I wish warlocks could get the Skullmages pet in the Noxious Glade's- "Chattering Swarm" aka. a swarm of flying skulls as a new demon/pet- would be awesome!

While at Tyr's Hand, killed all of the mini bosses there, though had to laugh at the assassin Rohan- and his
purple pimp hat and purple outfit. what is up with that?

Killed a scarlet curate while looking for one of the mini bosses, and she had a monocle- now I WANT one
on my undead.

 (last Scarlet Crusade mini boss over in the Tyr's hand)

 (troll boss)

 (I love the purple winged effect!)

 (level 47!)

 (getting all of my Grisly Trophies!)

 (I love this little cinematic)

(Finishing all the eastern Plaguelands quests)

Got all of my Grisly Trophy's for Shadowsleep, so I can turn them in next time the fair comes around. (got them JUST from when I was at Eastern Plaguelands- you kill THAT many mobs while there). haha

My biggest issue with the Eastern Plaguelands is that I find it weird doing the scarlet crusade quests as an undead- does anyone else feel weird doing that? I mean the crusade is all about wiping out undead, but you're undead fighting undead? I know it is slightly different circumstances behind how you became undead, but i still feel weird doing the scarlet crusade as an undead. Especially during any of the quest where they say things like "I do not fear death at your hands, undead" and this is coming from an undead guy too- since they probably made it so he'd say that but replace undead with whatever race you are. It's just "akward" I guess when you actually think about it all. It's kind of like, "KILL ALL THE UNDEAD!!!" then they turn to you and are like, "But not your kind of undead. I didn't mean you, I mean those guys over there."...as they are secretly planning your demise. Just weirded me out, especially with it being on a RP server.
The one undead guy talked about how he used to work for Sylvanas, but didn't like what she was doing so now he works for the Crusade, and as I'm talking to him, I'm kind of thinking to myself, but my toon's buddies with Sylvanas...why am I doing all of this?!

 (The engineer before this guy said "I will tell you nothing, undead-pig" and I just had to laugh, because he's undead too!)

Also did a lot of leveling of jewelrycrafting and mining and such after hitting 47- had to buy a few gems to get me to 150, then I was able to jump straight up to 210 after that. I guess I just had to get over that hump. Now I just need to get a few more gems to keep me going. Why I chose jewelrycrafting on this toon, I have no idea, but kind of regretting it now.

Anyways, cool stuff with the beta, like the Black Market Auction House: lets you buy certain hard to get or expired Bind on Pickup items on NPC auction house using in game gold. Armor, mounts, pets, (such as, tier 3 armor, which was removed from the game when they removed old game nax.) NO buyout price, just auctions. So this helps even out the gold situation, aka. a gold sync.  Mounts seem to start at 20,000 gold, armor & pets at 10,000. Such as the Ashes of Al'ar mount, or the riding turle (fishing drop mount). Too bad I probably will NEVER use this, as I'm such an alt-a-holic, I would never get enough money for something like that.

In other games: (like Sims Social):
I'm 1/3 of the way done with making my pool- that is so difficult to get all the mats for it! I only 1 skill away from finishing the zen garden and 2 skills away from finishing the jukebox. I bought another plot of land on my main house, to expand and make it a little more even and give my 'bar' more room. And I cleaned up/reorganized my beach house to make way for the pool. I really want the shower from the one quest, but I can never get past the one spot, because I can't seem to get enough goodwill from people. (so send me Goodwill in Sims people!)

 (My main house- still finishing up jukebox, fountain, and 2 spa chairs, and the swing set)

(beach house, finishing up the zen garden and the pool. Ended up putting my dragon in storage, because he didn't match anything)

I'm looking so forward to Diablo 3 to come out. For this game, I have been avoiding spoilers (unlike WoW beta stuff), since I never really played Diablo 1 & 2 (but Wren did and he loved it, and said I'd love it too).
Can't wait for that! We sat down tonight and watched the cinematics for Diablo 2 (refresher for Wren, and new for me to get to know the storyline) and the starting cinematic for Diablo 3. Debating over staying up for the midnight launch, but I have a feeling I'll be way asleep by then since I'm going off of 4 hours of sleep (I got called into work for a co-worker's emergency around noon-ish, so after the podcast recording in the wee-hours of the morning, I went to sleep and then was awoken to a beg to go to work). But at least I have off on Tuesday because of the whole situation. Woot!

So, Happy belated Mother's day!
Also, *fingers crossed* for Wren and myself's theater callback on Saturday. And I'm looking forward to more and more gaming time!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hunter hits 20

I played my tauren hunter Striderunner a lot this week. Got her from level 13 to 20. Been super busy with theater stuff, so I only got a few days to play her. It was fun getting to explore places I haven't done after Cata or experienced ever because I never decided to play those areas before. I went off to Azshara, since I never did it after Cata, and I like it a lot. Here is a lot of screenshot basically showing off what all I did this week.

 (level 14. Interesting quest- I'm in a bubble!)

 (I love the goblin lift things)

 (This entire quest line with this guy, was...um...weird...)

 (There's a baby raptor on my shoulder!)

 (Farewell Subject nine!)

 (Subject nine and her babies hop on a rocket and go off)

 (Tauren on a copter!)

 (Me and Kalec)


 (more rares!)

 (I love the destruction this guy caused)

 (Hitting level 17)

 (Tauren on a rocket!)

 (Tauren on a turtle!)

 (Tauren in a witch's hat!)

 (Once I meet this guy, I should of known I wasn't going to like doing his quests and trials that are such a pain in the butt)

 (Woo achievements during one of the trials. I HATED the frost trial, though the fire and shadow trials were not that bad)

 (Dead and love between a dragon and a Spirit healer)

 (Kaloegos rocks!)

 (Yay! Level 20! Now I can finally get a damn mount)

 (100 Quests completed!)

 (I <3 the blue dragons)

 (Taking my orphan on a rocket ride)

(Yay! Got my Kodo!)

Once I hit level 20, it was time to take a break. I hope to get more playtime this weekend after we go to see the Avengers later today. :D
Looking forward to an eventful weekend/upcoming week.