Friday, May 10, 2013

Grease Parody

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Warcraft Parody Songs!

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Character Experience & Pet Battles

This post is less about pet battles themselves and more about some strange observations, and how you can use them to your advantage.

Most Pet Battle quests dont award any experience at all.

However, a few do, especially certain daily ones. This is what we will be talking about and taking advantage of.

The following 6 tamers daily quests award experience.

On Kalimdor you have:

Analynn in Western Ashenvale

Zunta near Thunder Ridge in Durotar.

Dagra the Fierce just west of the Crossroads in Northern Barrens.

In the Eastern Kingdoms you have:

Julia Stevens at the Maclure Vinyards in Elwynn Forest

Old MacDonald near the Jansen Stead in Westfall.

Lindsay south of Lakeshire in Redridge

These 6 quests can be done every day quite easily for some extra experience, however, there is an even bigger use here.

Lindsay Old MacDonald and Dagra the Fierce are special. They're quests give exp AND are account wide. The big advantage here is you can park some alts next to each one, log in, beat the quest, log out, then log onto the character you actually you want to get the experience and profit. This works great for characters like monks who you can keep safely parked in a town with their +50% exp buffs.

Another advantage for the Pet Battlers out there is that these pet battlers are all fairly low in level. You can open up with a level 1 pet swap out to a strong pet and stomp the team. Great experience for your lowbie pets and great experience for an alt!

Hope this helps some people!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Helpful Tips to Capture Tricky Pets

Hello All, time for Wrens guide to getting the majority of the "rarer" spawn pets.

Tip 1: Capturing pets is always made easier with a Terrible Turnip. The reason the terrible turnip is such a useful is two fold.

The more obvious is its first attack Weakening Blow, this attack can never reduce an enemy to to less then 1 HP, so you can guarantee that you will never accidentally critically hit a pet to death. This alone will save you much aggravation.

The other is its level 4 acquired ability Sunlight. The weather effect is great for canceling out harmful weather effects (like stupid "damages everything every round"), however the real reason you want this is its secondary effect. By increasing the pets max hit points it in effect deals a massive amount of damage for the purposes of capturing a pet. It makes it so you can capture a pet at 52.5% of the pets original max hp. This doesn't work against elementals but is still useful for the rest of the pet families.

Tip 2: Alts are more useful then you think.

Alts are extremely useful for pet battles but for now I'll explain their use in camping rare pets. Due to pet battles being account wide, What you can do is leave an alt out in the middle of nowhere and log on them purely to check to see if the pets is up, or possible to be up. This is extremely useful for pets like Arctic Fox Kit or Baby Ape that require specific weather conditions.

Tip 3: Slaying the opposition....and even those that arent.

With a few exception the vast majority of pets are linked with all other battle pets in a zone. In explanation, most rarer pets may not spawn because all of their spawn points are being taken by other creatures. What this means is that if your looking for most harder to get pets such as Minfernal you can slaughter all the other pets in a zone forcing it to have a chance to spawn. Sadly this does not work for one of the most sought after pets, the Scourged Whelpling.

Tip 4:Slay with a friend. (An extension of Tip 3 really) Especially for the Minfernal if you have a friend, or you have multiple accounts this works great.

What you do is keep one character (the pet battler) up at the spawn location, and you have the other character (the critter slayer) fly around the zone attacking the pets, not in pet battle but with an attack, works great with instant cast attacks like Moonfire. (I suggest a druid for instant cast flight form, but every class has its advantages) This is far quicker the actually battling the creatures, so youll increase the likelihood of getting the pet you want to spawn in a shorter amount of time. The reason this works better with a second account or with a friend is the character that is going to do the pet battles will be in the area when the pets spawn, lowering the chance of you losing the spawns to a different pet battler.

Tip 5: This tip is especially for the hardest to get pet right now: The Scourged Whelpling

This annoying little pet has a very unique spawn pattern. The Whelpling spawns every server restart and exactly 24 hours after the last time that individual Whelpling was defeated. What this means is that the longer its been since the last time the server was restarted, their spawn times will slowly drift further and further away.

Why is this helpful? Because even if you work when the servers usually come back up, you can camp for this little bugger days later based off of its spawn pattern.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Wrens Overly Simplistic Guide To Pet Battle Counters!

Wrens Overly Simplistic Guide To Pet Battle Counters!

Best Anti Elemental Pet 

Our goal here is a critter with aquatic attacks.

My Suggestion - A Snail, with a good debuff and a hard hitting aquatic attack, these are definitely the strongest anti-elemental pet.
Runner-Up - A Crab, hardy creatures with self heals.

Best Anti-magical Pet

Here we are looking for mechanical pet with dragon attacks.

My Suggestion - Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling - Between its dragons breath, its ability to either be more offensive or defensive and its self res, this is a perfect counter.
Runner-Up - Any mechanical pet you like

Best Anti-Mechanical Pet

This is actually really not fair, as Elementals are all strong against mechanicals, For this go with whatever pet you like, or one that has some versatile abilities you can swap out for.

My Suggestion - Sapphire Cub - A Greater Speedster that can slice and dice mechanical pets.
Runner-Up - Lil' Ragnaros For an all out offensive pet (if you dont mind buying it for real money)

Best Anti Dragon Pet

Currently, this is a hard spot to fill due to their being only one undead pet with humanoid attacks, the Scourged Whelpling, and that little guy can be more then a little hard to get. So instead we will have to look at whatever has good humanoid attacks.

My Suggestions - Scourged Whelping - The best, though hardest to get
Runner-Up - Flayer Youngling - Easy to get, great anti Dragon pet.

Best Anti Critter Pet


Just kidding, if you really are looking for the hands down best "I'm going to destroy you" anti critter pet, you've got great options

My Suggestions -  Kun-lai Runt, three beast attacks on a humanoid? 'Nuff said.
Runner-Up - A Spider of your choice, the various spiders exist at all level ranges, and are some of the most annoying creatures to fight, and make a great addition to your team.

Best Anti Flyer

Here we are looking for a dragonkin who has magical attacks, you've got tons of good options here.

My Suggestion - Sprite Darter Hatchling, two magic attacks and an amazing dodge attack perfect for dodging lift-off type attacks. (Nether Faerie Dragon has identical attacks)
Runner-Up - Celestial Dragon, a great self heal, moonfire, and the ability to swap out to other attack types,a great utility dragon that can also mess up flyers.

Best Anti Beast

Currently there are no flyers with mechanical attacks so are options are limited.

My Suggestion - Fluxfire Feline, this little kitty will often be able to  take out a beast in 1 hit if it doesn't have a good auto miss ability.
Runner-Up - Any flyer with lift off is going to prove annoying at the very least.

Best Anti-Undead

Here, we want an aquatic creature with critter attacks

My Suggestion - A Frog or Toad type pet of your choice, with two separate Critter attacks and a self heal, this will be the bane of any undead you encounter.
Runner-Up - Whatever critter you like.

Best Anti Aquatic Pet 

Magic pet with flying attacks are a rarity.

My Suggestion - Jade Owl - An annoying pet with good varieties
Runner-Up - Enchanted Broom, a cute novelty pet as well.

Best Anti Humanoid Pet 

Beast with undead attacks would be perfect.

My Suggestion - A Spider, the web / leech life heal is amazing.
Runner-Up - Similair to the spider but swapping out swarm attacks for a burrow usually.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Patching up a storm and getting mount happy

Hello all,
We finally got another WoW parody together that will be on the most recent Ctrl Alt WoW podcast (which recorded earlier this morning). It is a parody of The Music Man song, "My White Knight" in honor of me finishing my role as Marian the Librarian in the production of The Music Man this summer. We did the song also from the stand point of my undead warlock, which I am convinced would have a HUGE crush on Koltira. Deathweaver (while doing his quests, she would always auto make these funny animations when standing next to him, so I am convinced that my toon just really liked him. haha) Now that we're well done with the show, we thought it was time to do a parody of the song, as it has been in the back of our minds for a while.
Well, among stuff in WoW land, we've been mostly leveling up our Death Knight/Disc Priest duo in dungeons and loving it (for the most part). Wren has been in overdrive mode playing his Alliance Rogue (his goal is to get all his Alliance toons as close to 85 as he can before Mists drops) as well as getting mounts galore. He has a lot more than me, so he easily got the 100 mount achievement when the newest patch came out.

I also have been leveling up a goblin shaman, after re-rolling a lowbie orc shaman I had. I just really fell in love with the goblins totems while doing dungeons with a few goblin shamans, that I just bit the bullet and deleted my lowbie level 10 orc shaman to play a goblin shaman. Right now I got her up to (I think) 13. I do love certain parts of the goblin lowbie quest experience, most of which are when you get to the one island.

 (My FAVORITE part of this quest line)

(Doesn't my goblin look awesome on a cat? hehe)

Wren managed to score this week a Vial of Sands (now granted, robbed his alts poor to do it) after making a deal with an auction guy (he offered to pay a dropped price if the guy sold it to him not on the auction house- therefore the guy wouldn't have to pay the auction fees). So he is super happy about that.
Last week Wren also cranked out making two Mekgineer's choppers- one for him, one for me (which I am slowly paying him the gold back for). My rogue, Alliance side, is now a bad-ass night elf on a motorcycle with 2 beer steins and an eye-patch. haha

Other than the above, I've been enjoying time at the Darkmoon Faire (as I usually do enjoy it) and finally had enough tickets to get me a Darkmoon strider. Hooray!
So all in all, lots of leveling and lots of trying to get mounts all over the place!
Happy gaming, and once the link for the newest podcast of Ctrl Alt WoW comes out, I'll add it to our parody song list!
Laters all!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WoW updates from a very busy theater couple

Ok. Morgaine here, I apologize for being SO behind in updating stuff on here. With us in the final days of our show, I promise things will get better with our updates. Anyways, since I last blogged, we've done some more Parody songs and I've done many levels on my alts in WoW. Since the last time I blogged was May (and it now is August), I have a little less than 3 months worth to talk about that I've done in WoW- scary!
My most recent accomplishments include more levels on my Disc Horde troll priest, more levels on my undead warlock (who now is in Outland, FINALLY!), the occasional run on my mage goblin, transmogging my main nightelf rogue into all her awesomeness, doing volatile air transmutes and of course taking part in my Darkmoon Faire.
As of right now, here are my toons (This is Morgaine talking). I primarily play Alliance on Kael'thas server and Horde on Earthen Ring. I do have toons on other servers, but these are my two primary servers of toons/alts:

Kael'thas server Alliance side Main toon:
Other Alliance toons on Kael'thas: 
  • McDowella, dwarf hunter, level 85
  • Eniagrom, dwarf paladin, level 85
  • Dartainian, human warlock, level 72
  • Deathpint, gnome death knight, level 63
  • Vanillabean, draenei priest, level 62
  • Fallenleaf, worgen druid, level 59
  • Pinkjacks, gnome warrior, level 54

Earthen Ring server Horde side Main toon:
Other Horde toons on Kael'thas:
  • Niylaa, troll priest, level 72 (I only play this disc priest with Wren's tauren death knight)
  • Icybellina, goblin mage, level 45 (I play this with Wren's goblin warrior)
  • Vanquishera, blood elf paladin, level 23 (I play this with Wren's blood elf priest)
  • Striderunner, tauren hunter, level 25
  • Berserkill, troll warrior, level 19
  • Claudinahide, troll druid, level 12
  • Crimsonblade, blood elf rogue, level 9
  • Elementaline, orc shaman, level 8

As you can see, I started out Alliance and am slowly gathering up alts horde side.

As far as other full updates, we've written into Ctrl Alt WoW a little more consistent than this here blog-o, but here it all our updates in a nutshell.

May 28th update: Just a quick check in e-mail, as me and morgaine both had little time to play WoW this week. She got her druid up to level 12, and she was having a blast, shes planning on being a boomkin, and enjoying the heck out of it. I tried to get my rogue to 20 but got stuck on a quest in the northern barrens, where your suppposed to kill a bunch of centaurs till the boss spawns, well the boss appeared then preceded to 2-3 hit me. I must have gotten killed by it 7 times before I just gave up and logged out. I managed to convince a friend of mine to come back into the game, and he rolled some toones horde side on earthen ring to team with me there, so that is fun. Other then that though, that was our week in WoW.
PS: Thank you Peterrabbit for helping me craft stuff for my friends new toon, you rock!
PPS: Get better jeppy.

June 4th update: (Wren was a guest host for this episode of Ctrl Alt WoW)
Wren here, So my week in WoW. Ill keep it pants.
I played some with my friend i recruited back into the game, went with BrewDog and company on his ulduaar drake run, and we succeeded, yay 10 man drake. Been enjoying my lowbie alts again, and collecting mounts is always fun. I love Jeppy
Now for Morgaine's portion of the email:
Decided to play some of my super low (like level 9 low) alts- a rogue and a druid. Also decided to get all of my alts on Earthen Ring's professions up, so basically spent an entire evening getting all of my toons as far up in each of their professions from crafting as I could. Now, all but one of my toons has both of each of their major professions above level 100 skill level right now. :D
Other than that, I did a lot of teaming with Wren. We played our blood elf team- the Paladin (me) and Priest (him) and got them to level 15, so we can start running some dungeons on them and training me to be a pally tank. We also played our goblins, his tanking warrior and my mage, and got them to 37/38 through Scarlet Monastery runs. It was great fun and hopefully we'll have more time to get the pairs more levels later.
Anyways, enjoy the song all!
For the Horde, For The Alliance for the "Oh my god I got a new mount, its so pretty."
PS: Heres our submission,a  tribute song so to say. Wish we could have found a good guitar track to go with it, but thats life.
P.P. S. Welcome back Jeppy! WE LOVE HIM

June 12th update: Wrens Week: I started leveling all my lowbies professions, making as many of them alchemists as I can while still have every possible profession. I likey herbs, always easy money with transmutes. I teamed up with LastKiss to do some heroic runs and discovered that the attention span of people in those heroics has really gone to pot since the new ones came out. Also, due to to the spikey damage and expectations of crowd control that most people are too lazy to do, I actually find them harder then the current heroics. Outside of WoW, me and morgaine went to a costume party as a couple but...ill post a picture to twitter showing the twist. Anyways, thats my week, and now for Morgaines:
Firstly, I forgot to mention that I fished up the darkmoon seahorse pet while getting my fishing up to 225 at the faire last week on my warlock. I was super excited and squeeing, sadly it was 3am and no one was online (nor Wren awake) to enjoy it with me. ;( 

Anyways, on to my week in WoW: Besides doing more profession grinding, Wren and I played our goblins together more. We quested a tiny bit in Thousand needles (to get Wren's warrior the fun gearlike backpack) and hit level 41 in Feralas (where we headed off to after we got his transmog backpack). Yay, better trike for my mage now! Then I played my Warlock a lot this week. I sent her off to Ungoro Crater so she could get her mining up on all the thorium there. I did love the Maximillian of Northshire final quest- Killing the Devilsaur Queen. I love that you throw his armor at her, so by the end of beating her, he's pretty much in his underwear. Haha! I got her to Level 54 before I got tired of the Crater and decided to drop her off in Silathis for the next time I play her. Lastly I played my hunter a tiny bit over at the Faire. It was the first time I took her to the faire, and the very first game I played was the Shooting Gallery and got the Quick Shot achievement immediately on her. A perfect achievement to get at the faire- being a hunter and all. lol

June 26th update: Sorry for the lack of audios recently, we've both been fighting off sinus infections again. Blech. Didnt have a lot of time to play this week. I did another bout of retro raiding AQ 40 with Speed Racer, Pixie Girl and Lastkiss/Necro though we couldnt get past the twin emperors, was a little tricky to do with our set up, and couldnt outdps it enough to ignore the mechanics. We did however manage to nab all four AQ40 mounts for both Speed and Pixie, wooot! Maybe I can start doing some OS runs for people to get mounts? I really wanna pick the black and or twilight drakes for myself, and I'm sure others do as well...hmmm...Suggestions? Interest? I teamed with the wifey and we played our goblins together a little. Slowly trying to figure out the best way to transmog mine into a very engineery outfit.
I also tried to powerlevel up some professions and decided leveling enchanting is the most completely boring to level profession possible. Hands down. Outside of WoW: We have fully started rehearsals for "The Music Man" and I have already started coming up with a few parodys, but I cant show them to Morgaine for fear that she may remember the wrong words on stage, However I do wanna go back and rerecord some of our older submissions, since I had no clue how to record then. Had a VERY heavy dancing rehearsal this saturday, and I am still sore from it. Lots of somersaults and women rolling across my back, man that sounds a lot more risque then it is!

July 2nd update: 

This week we have been super busy, but luckily had a calm weekend to enjoy teaming together to level some of our duo alts.

In WoW News: Previously I had reported that all non-gold and class mounts were going to happen in Mists. Blizzard announced recently that gold sink mounts will be account bound, meaning the only mounts not going account wide will be class mounts and the Arena PvP mounts.

Wren's Week: My week was spent almost entirely playing alts with the wifey at various levels and on various toons. The exception to this was playing some of my non-85 alliance toons. I tried out a new spec for my priest and loved it, shared it with my wife and she loved it as well. Discipline priest with Attonement and archangel. Very fun to heal by dpsing!

Morgaine's Week: This week I enjoyed leveling up my toons' skills in the darkmoon fair and even popped on my alliance toons for a tiny bit.  I also enjoyed finally sitting down and learning to play a healer- the hubs taught me to play a disc priest and it was not as horrible as I envisioned- I've been deathly afraid to heal till now, but since Disc priest is almost dps-like, it wasn't that bad. haha. I got my troll priest to 70 while healing in instances with the hubs' death knight (my priest has been shadow up until this point). We actually had a really sweet goblin hunter with us, who wasn't horrible and I'm sure loved having an instant que with a tank and healer. Hello goblin hunter, whoever you are!
We also played our blood elf duo and I got my tanking pally up to 23. Weird bouncing between a tank, healer and dps all in one day. Lastly I got another level on my warlock while trudging through Silithus. I'm not a fan of all the bugs, but I never did the zone fully, so I'm getting over my fear of creepy crawly things by just telling myself over and over again- "you're killing them, they can't get you when they're dead!" haha

So I guess this was a very duo teaming week for Wren and I. It's always fun to do instances together- yay quality time!

We apologize again for being behind and not getting a new parody song for you all. Both Wren and I have not been winning the battles with our sinus infections as fast as both of us hoped. Hopefully we will be mucus-free next week. *crossing fingers*

For the Horde, for the Alliance, and for the "what the heck, why is that warrior wearing hunter hearlooms?"

July 9th update: Wren and Morgaine here, sending in a quick e-mail seeing as how neither of us had much time to play this week. However, we did manage to sit down for 2 hours and finish out our skyguard rep grind to get ourselves some nether ray mounts, yay more mounts. Anyways, sorry no audio again. And sadly definitely wont have any next week as Morgaine is heading off to Chicago with her mum to do some serious scrapbooking.

July 16th update: Just Wren this week. I've sent my lovely wife off to Chicago for her big craft thingamwhatchaimicalitter. (I'll be honest I wrote that just to hear someone stumble through it)I promised mount testing from the beta, so this is a fully tested mount check from the beta. So as we now all know, every mount except for the class mounts and the Arena type PVP mounts are going account wide. HOWEVER, lots of mounts AREN'T really account wide as far as the horde and alliance versions go. The following mounts are actually different mounts alliance and horde side. So you will actually need one of each separately, one horde, one alliance:

  • Argent Warhorse - From the Argent Tournament
  • Armored Brown Bear - Bought from Mei in Dalaran
  • Baradian Mounts - Bought with Tol Barad Tokens
  • Black War Bear - Assassinating enemy factions leaders
  • Black war Mammoth - Bought in Dalaran for Honor.??!!!?@!@?!?@!?@
  • Grand Black War Mammmoth - From Raid in Winterthinger
  • Grand Ice Mammoth - From Sons of Hodir
  • Ice Mammoth - Sons of Hodir
  • Mechano Hog and Mekgineers Chopper
  • Spectral Mounts - Scroll of Ressurection
  • Swift Alliance Steed - Extinct mount from Trial Raid
  • Swift Horde Wolf - Extinct mount from Trial Raid
  • Travelers Tundra Mammoth - Goldsink mount
  • Venomhide Ravasaur - Quest mount
  • Vicious Warsteed - Rated Battlegrounds
  • Vicious War Wolf - Rated Battlegrounds
  • Wintersaver - Quest mount
  • Wooly Mammoth - Justice Points mount in Dalaran

I may have missed 1 or 2 but I'm fairly certain if I did this gives you a good expected basis.
What does this mean? For true mount wh....collectors. These are more mounts for you to try for. These also all counts towards the mount achievements, so if you find yourself close to the 50 or 100 mark it may be an easy way to pick up the loose ends.
That however reminds me of something very exciting. Each mount added counts torwards achievements, getting 100 different mounts across the account will give you the Blue and Red Dragonhawks. This means those of us with horde and alliance toons have a nice natural headstart on the achievement due to having access to both sides ground mounts and basic faction flying mounts.'
P.S. - I checked, paladin mounts are locked out, while making a Tauren Paladin and a Blood Elf paladin will get you two extra mounts, the blood elf cant mounts the taurens and vice versa.
So to get all possible mounts right now you'll need at least 1 warlock, and 4 paladins, Human or Dwarf, Draenei, Blood Elf and Tauren.

July 30th update: Morgaine really didnt get any time to play this week, except for transmogging her main into a mix of wrath items, shes got this "saucy cleavage showing pirate" type look going on right now with her night elf rogue. My week (Wren) was pretty uneventful. I caught my DK up to 68 so that I can start running instances with her priest soon. I did however start attending raids with "BigBearButt" one of the premiere bear tank bloggers, and its pretty cool. We are doing alliance side heroic ICC to get the mount achievement. More then a bit trickier then the Ulduaar runs, but I am still madly in love with dragon mounts, so I'll gladly put in the work to get it. I have a request, can anyone who wants to get the Red proto drake mount send me a message on twitter so I can organize some instance runs. I'm only three achievements shy on my druid, and its a fun one to get.Thanks. Anyways, I know its been awhile but here is a parody song, its not the one we were originally planning on doing next, but Morgaine had an urge to rock out. We werent planning on doing it a Capella, but had issues finding the music to go with it correctly.

Aug. 6th update: Morgaine squeeked out 2 levels on her undead Warlock so now she is finally level 58 and in Hellfire Pennisula (yay!). She also cranked out some Darkmoon Faire time and played her disc priest a tiny bit with Wren's Death Knight. Boy is it nice to have instant ques when you have a tank/heal team. Wren also successfully flipped a Swift Lovebird on the auction house, bought for 1400 gold and sold for 7000 gold. Other than the same old, same old WoW stuff, not a whole lot new with us crew. Maybe once the show is over, we will finally have more WoW time and more parody-making time. ;)

(and that should be all our up to date!! lol)
Weird I know.

And for those that like our parodies, we sent in these parodies:

Anyways, *crossing fingers* that things get back to normal soon.
For the Horde, For the Alliance, for the "holy cow, is it really 6am and I'm still awake and haven't gotten any sleep yet!?!"