Saturday, January 19, 2013

Helpful Tips to Capture Tricky Pets

Hello All, time for Wrens guide to getting the majority of the "rarer" spawn pets.

Tip 1: Capturing pets is always made easier with a Terrible Turnip. The reason the terrible turnip is such a useful is two fold.

The more obvious is its first attack Weakening Blow, this attack can never reduce an enemy to to less then 1 HP, so you can guarantee that you will never accidentally critically hit a pet to death. This alone will save you much aggravation.

The other is its level 4 acquired ability Sunlight. The weather effect is great for canceling out harmful weather effects (like stupid "damages everything every round"), however the real reason you want this is its secondary effect. By increasing the pets max hit points it in effect deals a massive amount of damage for the purposes of capturing a pet. It makes it so you can capture a pet at 52.5% of the pets original max hp. This doesn't work against elementals but is still useful for the rest of the pet families.

Tip 2: Alts are more useful then you think.

Alts are extremely useful for pet battles but for now I'll explain their use in camping rare pets. Due to pet battles being account wide, What you can do is leave an alt out in the middle of nowhere and log on them purely to check to see if the pets is up, or possible to be up. This is extremely useful for pets like Arctic Fox Kit or Baby Ape that require specific weather conditions.

Tip 3: Slaying the opposition....and even those that arent.

With a few exception the vast majority of pets are linked with all other battle pets in a zone. In explanation, most rarer pets may not spawn because all of their spawn points are being taken by other creatures. What this means is that if your looking for most harder to get pets such as Minfernal you can slaughter all the other pets in a zone forcing it to have a chance to spawn. Sadly this does not work for one of the most sought after pets, the Scourged Whelpling.

Tip 4:Slay with a friend. (An extension of Tip 3 really) Especially for the Minfernal if you have a friend, or you have multiple accounts this works great.

What you do is keep one character (the pet battler) up at the spawn location, and you have the other character (the critter slayer) fly around the zone attacking the pets, not in pet battle but with an attack, works great with instant cast attacks like Moonfire. (I suggest a druid for instant cast flight form, but every class has its advantages) This is far quicker the actually battling the creatures, so youll increase the likelihood of getting the pet you want to spawn in a shorter amount of time. The reason this works better with a second account or with a friend is the character that is going to do the pet battles will be in the area when the pets spawn, lowering the chance of you losing the spawns to a different pet battler.

Tip 5: This tip is especially for the hardest to get pet right now: The Scourged Whelpling

This annoying little pet has a very unique spawn pattern. The Whelpling spawns every server restart and exactly 24 hours after the last time that individual Whelpling was defeated. What this means is that the longer its been since the last time the server was restarted, their spawn times will slowly drift further and further away.

Why is this helpful? Because even if you work when the servers usually come back up, you can camp for this little bugger days later based off of its spawn pattern.