Friday, December 28, 2012

Wrens Overly Simplistic Guide To Pet Battle Counters!

Wrens Overly Simplistic Guide To Pet Battle Counters!

Best Anti Elemental Pet 

Our goal here is a critter with aquatic attacks.

My Suggestion - A Snail, with a good debuff and a hard hitting aquatic attack, these are definitely the strongest anti-elemental pet.
Runner-Up - A Crab, hardy creatures with self heals.

Best Anti-magical Pet

Here we are looking for mechanical pet with dragon attacks.

My Suggestion - Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling - Between its dragons breath, its ability to either be more offensive or defensive and its self res, this is a perfect counter.
Runner-Up - Any mechanical pet you like

Best Anti-Mechanical Pet

This is actually really not fair, as Elementals are all strong against mechanicals, For this go with whatever pet you like, or one that has some versatile abilities you can swap out for.

My Suggestion - Sapphire Cub - A Greater Speedster that can slice and dice mechanical pets.
Runner-Up - Lil' Ragnaros For an all out offensive pet (if you dont mind buying it for real money)

Best Anti Dragon Pet

Currently, this is a hard spot to fill due to their being only one undead pet with humanoid attacks, the Scourged Whelpling, and that little guy can be more then a little hard to get. So instead we will have to look at whatever has good humanoid attacks.

My Suggestions - Scourged Whelping - The best, though hardest to get
Runner-Up - Flayer Youngling - Easy to get, great anti Dragon pet.

Best Anti Critter Pet


Just kidding, if you really are looking for the hands down best "I'm going to destroy you" anti critter pet, you've got great options

My Suggestions -  Kun-lai Runt, three beast attacks on a humanoid? 'Nuff said.
Runner-Up - A Spider of your choice, the various spiders exist at all level ranges, and are some of the most annoying creatures to fight, and make a great addition to your team.

Best Anti Flyer

Here we are looking for a dragonkin who has magical attacks, you've got tons of good options here.

My Suggestion - Sprite Darter Hatchling, two magic attacks and an amazing dodge attack perfect for dodging lift-off type attacks. (Nether Faerie Dragon has identical attacks)
Runner-Up - Celestial Dragon, a great self heal, moonfire, and the ability to swap out to other attack types,a great utility dragon that can also mess up flyers.

Best Anti Beast

Currently there are no flyers with mechanical attacks so are options are limited.

My Suggestion - Fluxfire Feline, this little kitty will often be able to  take out a beast in 1 hit if it doesn't have a good auto miss ability.
Runner-Up - Any flyer with lift off is going to prove annoying at the very least.

Best Anti-Undead

Here, we want an aquatic creature with critter attacks

My Suggestion - A Frog or Toad type pet of your choice, with two separate Critter attacks and a self heal, this will be the bane of any undead you encounter.
Runner-Up - Whatever critter you like.

Best Anti Aquatic Pet 

Magic pet with flying attacks are a rarity.

My Suggestion - Jade Owl - An annoying pet with good varieties
Runner-Up - Enchanted Broom, a cute novelty pet as well.

Best Anti Humanoid Pet 

Beast with undead attacks would be perfect.

My Suggestion - A Spider, the web / leech life heal is amazing.
Runner-Up - Similair to the spider but swapping out swarm attacks for a burrow usually.