Saturday, September 8, 2012

Patching up a storm and getting mount happy

Hello all,
We finally got another WoW parody together that will be on the most recent Ctrl Alt WoW podcast (which recorded earlier this morning). It is a parody of The Music Man song, "My White Knight" in honor of me finishing my role as Marian the Librarian in the production of The Music Man this summer. We did the song also from the stand point of my undead warlock, which I am convinced would have a HUGE crush on Koltira. Deathweaver (while doing his quests, she would always auto make these funny animations when standing next to him, so I am convinced that my toon just really liked him. haha) Now that we're well done with the show, we thought it was time to do a parody of the song, as it has been in the back of our minds for a while.
Well, among stuff in WoW land, we've been mostly leveling up our Death Knight/Disc Priest duo in dungeons and loving it (for the most part). Wren has been in overdrive mode playing his Alliance Rogue (his goal is to get all his Alliance toons as close to 85 as he can before Mists drops) as well as getting mounts galore. He has a lot more than me, so he easily got the 100 mount achievement when the newest patch came out.

I also have been leveling up a goblin shaman, after re-rolling a lowbie orc shaman I had. I just really fell in love with the goblins totems while doing dungeons with a few goblin shamans, that I just bit the bullet and deleted my lowbie level 10 orc shaman to play a goblin shaman. Right now I got her up to (I think) 13. I do love certain parts of the goblin lowbie quest experience, most of which are when you get to the one island.

 (My FAVORITE part of this quest line)

(Doesn't my goblin look awesome on a cat? hehe)

Wren managed to score this week a Vial of Sands (now granted, robbed his alts poor to do it) after making a deal with an auction guy (he offered to pay a dropped price if the guy sold it to him not on the auction house- therefore the guy wouldn't have to pay the auction fees). So he is super happy about that.
Last week Wren also cranked out making two Mekgineer's choppers- one for him, one for me (which I am slowly paying him the gold back for). My rogue, Alliance side, is now a bad-ass night elf on a motorcycle with 2 beer steins and an eye-patch. haha

Other than the above, I've been enjoying time at the Darkmoon Faire (as I usually do enjoy it) and finally had enough tickets to get me a Darkmoon strider. Hooray!
So all in all, lots of leveling and lots of trying to get mounts all over the place!
Happy gaming, and once the link for the newest podcast of Ctrl Alt WoW comes out, I'll add it to our parody song list!
Laters all!