Friday, April 27, 2012

At Last video is live

Our "At Last" WoW parody is now live on our YouTube channel.
Sorry for just text and screenshots of WoW happenings (that have nothing to do with the song) but we've been lacking on getting something new on the tube, so this was kind of a throw together project. We hope to draft a few of our video friends into make an "real" video for some of our songs (unless any of you want to) haha.

Wren and Morgaine

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beta fun

I thought I'd pop on to tell ya'll a quick overview of what I did last night in wow land- more beta! I was in a funk of not liking anything game wise, so hubs suggested beta play. (some spoilers coming up, so if you want a surprise during launch, scroll to the bottom, lol)

 (can I just say I LOVE the little elements guys- so adorable, I want real-life plushies of them!)

 (Also, is it just me, or did they change the underwater sound effects? It sounds so much better to me for some reason- see my panda swim)

 (adorable water element!)

 (so beautiful- the brewery!)

 (riding the yak cart ride back to town)

 (riding a tornado to get to the top of the building- forget stairs!)

(ok, what the heck is with these monkeys everywhere- pooing on things and writing about poo. I thought we were done with the poo quests...I swear, someone at Blizzard has a poo fetish)

Aside from a few glitches in a Reed quest and mob respawns being crazy fast with monkeys and water creatures, it went very well and I enjoyed my monk panda greatly. I decided to make a dps (as I usually do) and test out the windwalker fun.

(the only deep sea creature that didn't have a crazy spawn rate, because he was a phased boss)

I just love the balloon ride!

When I got to lvl 11, almost 12, it was time to pick sides. I thought I'd test out alliance first, since alliance was what I started with when I started wow way back when. The sparring with the king just cracking me up still thinking about it- the faces on the two panda friends of yours is priceless! Haha

 (lol...gotta love beta)

(jaw I love the female panda's expression better, but I didn't get a shot of it fast enough)

Ok, now that I'm 12 in beta, I felt it was time to stop, as sadly u can not transfer from beta to normal game. :( I didn't want to get too attached to my panda only to have to re roll her when launch happens.

Anyways, besides beta play, I did a play my undead warlock earlier in the week, getting her to 42. I also alt hopped and leveled up professions left and right, now that I have a bunch of mats to craft after bring my priest over.

I hope to get more gameplay Sunday and Monday, but for now, that's what I've been up to.
Make sure you tune into Ctrl Alt WoW this week, as my hubs has been asked to be a guest host again. :D
Laters and Game on!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wren's a Guest Host on Ctrl Alt WoW!

My beloved hubs, Wren, is a guest host on this week's Ctrl Alt WoW, so make sure you check out Episode 264: Hey you get off my Egg! and listen to Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Wren (as a guest host) discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG and Noblegarden.

Show notes:
Stream live:

or catch it on iTunes.
We hope to have a new parody for the next episode of Ctrl Alt WoW, so stay tuned.

Monday, April 9, 2012

I got into Beta! yay!

I Did some more questing around Western Plaguelands on my Warlock and did all the quests with the fail troll druid.

 (Not gonna lie this quest line is NOT a line I enjoy at all), though I did like how they worked in the Valkyr into the later parts of Western Plaguelands quests.

Met up with Highlord Tirion Fordring and hit level 40 while questing in the Northridge Lumberyard.

Picked up the Fast and Furious achievement, and then headed to  Darkmoon Fair for lots of games, profession leveling, and then sitting down and getting my fishing skills up (as I decided I really need to).

Also I got into the BETA this week! Yay! After downloading it all night, I hopped in on a female panda monk before working a night shift.

Once I got pass the massive lag and pile of pandas at the starting zone, I headed over to the dreaded Edict of Temperance scroll burning issue. Massive pile of pandas again, but somehow after a few minutes I managed to get it before the majority of the spam screams of fellow beta players drove me completely insane. Once that was over, it was smooth sailing in beta.

Not going to lie, I love my female panda. I don't know if i'll make her a monk, but I certainly will make a panda something. I quickly had to go to work sadly after getting her to level 4.

When I signed back in on her after another beta patch later in the week, after one quest I hit a standstill-as the only quest I had left was bugged and didn't work.
Me = Sad Panda
Anyways, that's all I've done this week. (trying to nudge Wren to write something- *nudge nudge*)
Later all and Game on!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Beyond the Hinterlands

Ok. So this past week I haven't really played much World of Warcraft at all. To be honest I think I only really played one day total- been super busy in theater board of directors land. Also, Wren's computer needed a major overhaul after it stopped working, so he hasn't been on much at all either. Anyways, here's kind of a lowdown on my one day I DID play.
I leveled up questing with my warlock some more. I finished up all the Hinterlands and headed on over to the plaguelands. I'll give you some commentary as I go through my screenshots below:

First off. I'm such a doof. I had never done this quest line before- never played horde over in Hinterlands. So, I just kind of was whizing through the quest line, but kept saying how it was a pain having to run back and forth through the ziggurat to turn the quests in. WELL...if I would of just READ something properly, I would of known this guy (below) ports you to the level of the Ziggurat that you are on. Sadly, I didn't notice this guy till I was 75% of the way done with the quest line. Oh least I got a lot of xp from killing everything in my path.

 (this is the statue he ported me to)

Next, I took on the Direglob!

And after I killed him I decided to stand next to his GIANT skull. Puts my undead skull to shame. lol

And in my travels of questing, I got a quest from this chick...who for some reason was dancing...was she supposed to be dancing as she electrocuted stuff, or was that just me she danced for?

And as I was going up the one troll pyramid thing, I came across this rare dude. :D

And as I'm fighting this chick, all I kept thinking want her dress!

Completed all the quests in the Hinterlands.

And finished the zone off with killing Shadra. For some reason, I remember her quest line to have been super hard way back in the Vanilla days. This time around, she was super easy. Did they nerf her or ???

Then I headed off to Andorhal, and did some quests with my beloved Koltira Deathweaver. I'd like to imagine that my toon would have a HUGE crush on this guy when she met him.

I mean, look how cute they look together. :D

Also did some quests for Lindsay Ravensun.

And sometime before completing the quest line in Andorhal, got to 36. I always loved the below conversation.

Shortly after finishing off these quests in Western Plaguelands, I called it a night. Hopefully later tonight I can pop on for a little bit of leveling fun. To be honest, I'm really enjoying going back and questing in zones after Cata changed it all. It's been so long since I did these areas, and not many done as horde, having 3 lvl 85s (all alliance). Maybe someday before Mists comes out I'll pop over to Nokomis (85 night elf rogue), McDowella (85 dwarf hunter) or Eniagrom (85 dwarf paladin) and play them again, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying lowbie leveling.

Outside of WoW, I've been dabbling with Sims Social on Facebook. Here is my main house and beach house (before the medieval expansion changed a tiny bit of my setup). Slowing getting tired of Sims, but I still keep going back occasionally.

Other than that, been busy as a bee. Maybe I can convince Wren to do some more blogging, so you all don't have to only read about my boringness.
I'll leave you with a few screenshots I took with the WoW armory app on my phone of my lvl 85 toons. 

 (Nokomis- lvl 85 rogue- basically my main, Alliance side)

 (McDowella- 85 hunter, minus her turtle pet)

(Eniagrom- lvl 85 paladin)